Fast Unboxing: Myth by Megacon Games

So Myth, by Megacon Games arrived today.  I just now took a few photos to do a quick unboxing before bed.  I will take more images later with narrative.



Open Box

Open Box



Size comparison between heroes and monsters:

Heroes VS Monsters

Scale with Infinity, Malifaux, and AE-Bounty:

Scale Shot with Other 28-32mm Miniatures


That’s it for now.  I will add more later.  Enjoy!


Deadzone Miscellaneous

So, Deadzone is a new release by Mantic Games set in the Warpath universe.  Warpath is a mass combat miniature game set in a science fiction world, and Deadzone is a different game that shares the same world and universe- Meaning that the races, nations, and other things exist in the fluff in both games.

Deadzone is unique in that it’s a miniature game, but that it comes with modular scenery that can be built in many different ways.  The game board in Deadzone is based upon 3″ cubes of space, and the buildings are build in 3″ cubes as well, so you can build multiple levels or one big single level building.

The idea in Deadzone is that some ancient technology, virus, alien artifact, etc, when found, infects people and turns them into hulking brutes- some mindless and some not so mindless.  In fact, the smaller versions keep a good portion of their intelligence and can even use weapons and technology.

Once a world has been infected, it’s essentially a “dead zone” and the planet is quarantined.  However, there are a couple of other groups that want their share of the loot on this quarantined world.  Therefore, we’ve got four factions or armies wanting to duke it out- The enforcers, Plague, Rebs, and Marauders.  Mantic’s website describes them like this:


The Enforcers are the Corporation’s elite peacekeepers, dispatched to tackle threats that are beyond the scope of regular military units. Each one is a superior soldier, trained in countless forms of combat and equipped with the best technology available.

As a unit they are disciplined and fearless, ready to lay down their lives to carry out the orders of their captain without a single question.






Bloodthirsty monsters created by an alien virus, the Plague exist for one thing only – to spread their contagion as far as possible. The virus affects its hosts in a variety of ways; its earliest victims become towering hulks, filled with a steadfast will which drives their lesser kin…


The free-thinkers and dissidents of the Corporation will always find a home with the Rebellion. They do not stand alone, either; the galaxy is large and most races have reasons to hold a grudge against the Corporation. Coordinating their efforts from hidden bases deep in unoccupied space, Rebs raid isolated outposts to build stocks of munitions and technology, hoping one day to have the strength to stand up against the Council of Seven.


The Marauders were trained by the Corporation as shock troops and guards, but that’s in the past – since the Mandrake Rebellion they’ve become the terror of the shipping lanes.

They strike out at the GCPS with the very weapons with which they were outfitted, combining well-honed battle drill with brute force and low cunning.

I had my first game last weekend and it was interesting to say the least.  Needless to say, we played the game completely wrong.

Below is an image of the board set up for our first game.  I was playing the Enforcers, the humans, and my friend Chris was playing the Plague.

Below is an image of the board that I played my first game on:

Deadzone Terrain

Deadzone Terrain

You can easily see the 3″ cubes.  This will look great if I ever paint it up.

Speaking of painting, I took some of my Enforcers and primed them and started painting.  Here are some work in progress shots:

Hopefully I’ll be able to get more games in in my busy schedule, but that’s the challenge.

If you have any Deadzone stories so far, or links to some cool Deadzone paintjobs or terrain, let me know in the comments below.

Soda Pop Miniatures and Cipher Studios Interview Questions Needed

So, I took a little break “A Long Time Gone” during the holidays but now I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

To get the ball rolling, I’ve got a few things lined up like a review of some Wreck-age models from Hyacinth Games and a couple interviews.


Cipher Studios Logo

I’ve spoken with Ross Thompson at Soda Pop Miniatures as well as Mr. David Freeman and Kai Nesbit at Cipher Studios and they’ve all agreed to answer some questions about their products.

Cipher Studios and Soda Pop Miniatures logo

Soda Pop Miniatures logo

Soda Pop Miniatures is the one responsible for the likes of Super Dungeon Explore and Relic Knights.

Cipher Studios is the company behind Anima Tactics and Hell Dorado.

As I’d like to get these questions out to both companies in the next few days, I’d like to solicit all of you for any questions you might want to ask.

So, if you have anything in particular you want to know, simply reply below and let me know what your question is to these fine folks.

Daily Illuminator: Mini Car Wars Returns

Daily Illuminator: Mini Car Wars Returns

So, Steve Jackson Games made this announcement yesterday in regards to Car Wars.  As one of their stretch goal on the Ogre Designer’s Edition Kickstarter, they were going to go into playtest and start on another version of Car Wars.


Does the hint of “…while we work on the big stuff!” mean that it’s really going to happen?

This is what the stretch goal said if they made it to $7000:

$700,000 - GOAL ACHIEVED! - Drive Offensively! We will launch a Kickstarter project for Car Wars! We *think* this will turn out to be a refinement of Car Wars Compendium 2.5, but you’ll tell us. Our supporters at the [new] $23 level and higher will be invited to join an exclusive Car Wars forum, where we’ll build the new edition from the ground up – issues like “which classic cover do we use?,” “10 phase, 5 phase, or 3 phase movement?,” and “do we include boats?” Once the project launches, surveys will be open to the public, but only supporters of the current project will get in on the preliminary planning. And we’ll take everything we have learned from our Ogre Kickstarter project to make the Car Wars project even better. If we make this goal, the private Car Warsforum and surveys will launch before the end of 2012. The game will be published in late 2013.

I for one was a fan of Car Wars, and I’d love to see what the next incarnation is!

How about you?  What do you think about the up-coming Car Wars?  What did you think about the original?

Secret Weapon Sale for Black Friday

Secret Weapon Miniatures sent out this email, and I’m sure most of you are aware of it, but thought I’d spread the word some more.  Besides this sale, what other sales are going on?  Leave a comment and lets see if we can get them all!

SW Logo

SW Logo

Greetings fans, friends, and customers!

It’s time for the annual Black Friday madness here in America, and this year we’re jumping in with one heck of a sale… for FIVE WEEKS!

27-29 November save 20%
30 November to 1 December save 15%
2-31 December save 10%

This offer extends to everything in the Secret Weapon catalog, except for gift vouchers, and those items we stock from Raphael and Juweela. Resin bases? YES! Weathering products? YES! The Secret Weapon Washes? OH YES! Everything in our catalog is included… and the sale starts tomorrow!

Happy shopping,

Justin “misterjustin” McCoy

Tengu! Sojobo from GCT Studios

New release from GCT Studios for their Bushido miniature game:

Sojobo – Temple of Ro-Kan


The martial skills of the Tengu are legendary across the Golden Empire. Although few in number the avian Yokais long lives give them ample time to gain mastery of not only the martial but also learn the secrets of the kami who call the mountains their home. Hidden away in their mountain top cities and guarded by the devoted hill tribes few have ever seen these mysterious warriors. What has brought Sojobo down from the mountains and to the aid of the Tengu’s old allies the Temple is not known. Sojobo’s skills in combat are equalled by very few. Now he has spread his great wings and left his mountain home the spirits and prospects of the people of the Ro-Kan can only be lifted as a result.

via Tengu! | GCT Studios.

Firefly the Game-Wash’s Lucky Dinosaurs Card

Galeforce 9, producers of board games, terrain, and miniature gaming accessories is running a promotion to earn a new card for their game Firefly.


One of the characters, Wash, in the series / movie plays with some toy dinosaurs to help pass the time.  So, GF9 included a paper 2-d version of one of the dinosaurs as the first player token.  Part of their promo is to have players show what they use instead of the 2-d player token.  My group, below, uses a stuffed dinosaur.  We pretend he eases the pain of not finishing a job or being unlucky enough to fail some skill rolls.  The new card is called Wash’s Lucky Dinosaurs.

Playing Firefly the Game

Playing Firefly the Game

So, here is my group of players playing Firefly the game in hopes of getting that promo card.  Above, Phil, is holding a stuffed dinosaur to help ease the pain of failing a job from Niska.  He now has to decide which of his crew isn’t pulling their own weight and get rid of them.

Lucky Dinosaurs Promo Card

Lucky Dinosaurs Promo Card

If you play Firefly, what do you use as a first player token?