Zenithal Highlighting on 3d Printed Terrain

I believe that my Ender 3 is printing better than it ever has and I am printing terrain as much as I can.At the same time, I’d love to have several painted buildings for a small town when playing fantasy war games.Zenithal highlighting will help me reach that goal.

Zenithal highlighting is primering a model with an airbrush, or in my case, rattle can spray paint using varying shades. What I do is spray the entire model in black paint. Second, I then spray a grey from the side with a slight down angle. 

Lastly, I use a white and spray directly from the top.

When I paint the terrain, I use thinned down paint. In so doing, the pre-shaded highlights I did with the zenithal technique makes the dark areas darker and the lighter areas lighter, requiring only one layer of paint to get a good look. You can see how it turns out in the images below.

The building shown below come from Black Scroll Games found HERE.