About Pen and Lead

I decided to create a blog to archive my various projects related to gaming. I’ve been a long time gamer and painter, and within the last eight years, a tabletop wargamer.  I have done various freelance writing and editing projects, and I am a demo game volunteer for various companies such as Privateer Press and Steve Jackson Games.  Currently, I’m a Ninja for Ninja Division and working on a Ninja Division fan magazine.  In addition, my most recent editing has been on the English version of Cipher Studio’s Hell Dorado rulebook and writing some fluff for Cipher’s Inferno expnasion.

I have been actively gaming since the early to mid-eighties, but only in 2001 did I join the tabletop wargaming crowd when Privateer Press released Warmachine upon the world. From then on, I couldn’t resist!

Being an active painter, I am currently working on various projects includes Pulp City, Uncharted Seas, Warmachine and Hordes, Dark Realm Miniatures, Ambush Alley (Rebel Minis in 15mm), Darkson Design’s AE: Bounty, Hell Dorado, and some of my other projects include playtesting and running various game sites.  Besides my hobbies, I am a school teacher, teaching English and being part time counselor at a small school in in SE Kansas.

The aim of this site is to provide an outlet for my various interests and to provide a narrative to my gaming exploits.  Pen and Lead will help provide an impetus for my lack of follow-through on the various projects and unpainted miniatures, and more.

I currently have one guest blogger who will be sharing his outlook on the hobby gaming world.

Now, follow along as we delve into the world of blogging!

One thought on “About Pen and Lead

  1. Hello! My gaming group is endeavoring to bring free professional audio to tabletop gaming. To do so we have started a kickstarter, the Realmsound Project, located here:http://kck.st/11mnj9c

    If you took a look and shared it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

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