AnyDice Dice Probability Application

So I stumbled across a wonderful dice probability and odds application the other while browsing the National Game Design Month (NagaDemon) website.  The application is called AnyDice and you can use it figure the probability of any die roll.

For example, a simple roll of 2d6 yields this output:

2 2.78
3 5.56
4 8.33
5 11.11
6 13.89
7 16.67
8 13.89
9 11.11
10 8.33
11 5.56
12 2.78

So, a roll of 6 has a 13.89% chance of occuring, while rolling a 7, the most likely outcome, has a 16.67% chance of coming up.  No wonder you don’t want a 7 in the game of craps!

The website itself is described as “… an online tool – also called a web application – that you can use to calculate dice probabilities. It is like a calculator, but for more than just numbers. You feed it a dice mechanic and it will tell you the odds for every possible result that you could get.”

The online tool is quite powerful, allowing you to add variables, if / then statements and more.  You can show the odds for at least or at most on a die roll, as well as a ton of other uses and variables.

If you are into the mechanics of dice rolling or are a game designer, I suggest you visit AnyDice.

Click HERE to visit AnyDice.