Deadzone Miscellaneous

So, Deadzone is a new release by Mantic Games set in the Warpath universe.  Warpath is a mass combat miniature game set in a science fiction world, and Deadzone is a different game that shares the same world and universe- Meaning that the races, nations, and other things exist in the fluff in both games.

Deadzone is unique in that it’s a miniature game, but that it comes with modular scenery that can be built in many different ways.  The game board in Deadzone is based upon 3″ cubes of space, and the buildings are build in 3″ cubes as well, so you can build multiple levels or one big single level building.

The idea in Deadzone is that some ancient technology, virus, alien artifact, etc, when found, infects people and turns them into hulking brutes- some mindless and some not so mindless.  In fact, the smaller versions keep a good portion of their intelligence and can even use weapons and technology.

Once a world has been infected, it’s essentially a “dead zone” and the planet is quarantined.  However, there are a couple of other groups that want their share of the loot on this quarantined world.  Therefore, we’ve got four factions or armies wanting to duke it out- The enforcers, Plague, Rebs, and Marauders.  Mantic’s website describes them like this:


The Enforcers are the Corporation’s elite peacekeepers, dispatched to tackle threats that are beyond the scope of regular military units. Each one is a superior soldier, trained in countless forms of combat and equipped with the best technology available.

As a unit they are disciplined and fearless, ready to lay down their lives to carry out the orders of their captain without a single question.






Bloodthirsty monsters created by an alien virus, the Plague exist for one thing only – to spread their contagion as far as possible. The virus affects its hosts in a variety of ways; its earliest victims become towering hulks, filled with a steadfast will which drives their lesser kin…


The free-thinkers and dissidents of the Corporation will always find a home with the Rebellion. They do not stand alone, either; the galaxy is large and most races have reasons to hold a grudge against the Corporation. Coordinating their efforts from hidden bases deep in unoccupied space, Rebs raid isolated outposts to build stocks of munitions and technology, hoping one day to have the strength to stand up against the Council of Seven.


The Marauders were trained by the Corporation as shock troops and guards, but that’s in the past – since the Mandrake Rebellion they’ve become the terror of the shipping lanes.

They strike out at the GCPS with the very weapons with which they were outfitted, combining well-honed battle drill with brute force and low cunning.

I had my first game last weekend and it was interesting to say the least.  Needless to say, we played the game completely wrong.

Below is an image of the board set up for our first game.  I was playing the Enforcers, the humans, and my friend Chris was playing the Plague.

Below is an image of the board that I played my first game on:

Deadzone Terrain

Deadzone Terrain

You can easily see the 3″ cubes.  This will look great if I ever paint it up.

Speaking of painting, I took some of my Enforcers and primed them and started painting.  Here are some work in progress shots:

Hopefully I’ll be able to get more games in in my busy schedule, but that’s the challenge.

If you have any Deadzone stories so far, or links to some cool Deadzone paintjobs or terrain, let me know in the comments below.


DreadBall – New Rules For Launching The Ball |

Jake, designer of Dreadball, by Mantic Games, has updated the ball launching rules which a lot of players have been hoping for.

DreadBall – New Rules For Launching The Ball |.

In the past, when a ball was launched, a player could be hit and the person could lose a rush because their player couldn’t catch the ball, making it an auto turnover.

This annoyed many players, so Jake worked up a new fix.

Jake says it like this, “Basically it just says that you can’t catch it till it scatters, and so players that are in the way get hit instead.”

Hope you enjoy and that this makes people happy.  I certainly look forward to the change in Dreadball Season 3.

Dreadball Season 3 Kickstarter Survey and Update on Ball Launching

Mantic Games just sent out a new update in regards to the Season 3 Kickstarter survey, as well as a new change in rules in regards to the ball being launched.

Below is the text of the update:

The Season 3 survey has been really popular, and we’re working as fast as we can to answer all the queries that come in. If we haven’t answered your question yet, don’t worry – we’ll get to you! We’ve had a few requests for photos of things that haven’t been seen yet, so we’re working to get them all snapped and edited. We should get them all out before the end of the survey next week. In the meantime, here’s one to keep you going!

That’s Wyn Greth’zki and the DreadBall Mech, facing off against Ludwig and his insect buddies!

In other news, the DreadBall Season 3 book is nearly finished! We’re just pulling the final pieces together and getting it all laid out nicely. One of the exciting new rules is a subtle change in the way the ball is fired into the arena. It’s now fired out at a much higher speed, meaning that standing on the launch line no longer means you can try to catch it! Instead, you become the target of a Thrown Ball, with more dice being rolled for the Throw the closer you are to the launcher. This was great fun during playtesting – in a recent game, one of my Goblins took a high-speed ball to the back of the head as the result of a The Ball Shatters card… That’s the joy of DreadBall!

So, with the change in the rule about losing your rush when you can’t grab that ball on launch, it seems things are changing and will make players, and the game, that much more interesting and fun to play.

So, what’s your favorite part of Dreadball?  The teams, the rules, the strategy?

Dreadball Season 2 Image Update

Mantic Games keeps adding updates for Season 2 of their futuristic sports game, Dreadball.  Check out the cool images below!


Season 2 Rulebook Cover


Void Sirens VS Robots




Female Dreadball Corporation Team, the Void Sirens




Concept Art for the Void Sirens

TALK DREADBALL – the Intergalactic Dreadball Cast

TALK DREADBALL – the Intergalactic Dreadball Cast.

I just listened to this pod cast that talks, well, solely about Dreadball.  The quality isn’t the best, like the audio was done over a phone, but I enjoyed the narrative of the ‘cast as well as the length.

First off, NS and Dick, the announcers, go in it as if they are in the Warpath universe, as designed by Mantic Games.  NS talks to Dick, who is a retired Dreadball player who travels to various locales talking about events and teams.

In this inaugural episode, Dick travels to four places across the universe to visit the up-coming season two teams.

Finally, the ‘cast is concluded with a summary of the three big Dreadball events held by Mantic and mentions the standings.

I enjoyed this podcast and will do my best to continue listening.

Mantic Games Previews New Chess-like Game: Loka

Mantic Games has previewed a new chess-like game called Loka.

Developed by Alessio Cavatore and River Horse, Loka is a fantasy chess game with elemental armies.

Below are just some of the current images available:


I suggest visiting the link above for just a bit more information.  Mantic says more information is coming next week.