Pulp Monsters Gen Con 2010 New Releases

Pulp City Miniatures Super Hero Pulp Skirmish Game

PPME21HV Silverager & Le Murtiple 4 Miniatures, 2 Cards 24,99 USD

PPME22H Skyline & Jade Hawk 2 Miniatures, 3 Cards 22,99 USD
PPME23H Captain Hadron & Lady Cyburn 2 Miniatures, 4 Cards 17,99 USD
PPME24HV Virgo & Tritonious 2 Miniatures, 3 Cards 17,99 USD
PPME25V Libra & Taurus 2 Miniatures, 2 Cards 17,99 USD
PPME26V Sagittarius & Gemini 3 Miniatures, 4 Cards 17,99 USD
+ reserve yourself 34,99 USD or 34,99 USD + 5 USD for something very special.
Will also have a promo set of all 3 grimm for 15 USD, free if you get all 6 boxes, until the supplies last.
For everybody NOT going to GenCon, pre-orders for first two boxes on the list will ship around August 1st, together with a free Grimm Elder!
Two following boxes will go live in September, together with the next grimm.
Please don’t spend all your money on icecream and beer in the summer, because you need to have something to read in the fall. Having seen the cover, we decided that we need to drool-proof it with a hardcover. And even if you still drool while going through the full-color pages, worry not, it is sewn and not glued so it won’t come apart.

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