Max Mini EU

List of GenCon pre-releases

I have worked out list of prereleases I’ll have at GenCon:
– Mortars (set of 3)
– Cyclops
– Evil Heads
– German WW2 style heads
That being said I have to admit most of them will be available in limited quantities.
I should also have some previews – of course if my personal luggage will prove big enough :D .

Finally I can confirm it – we’ll be present at GenCon Indy 2010. BIG THX goes to folks from Pulp Monsters, Darkson Designs and Cipher Studios who invited us to their booth. Feel welcome to pop-in and say hello at stand 2210 :) .
I’m so excited about this event as it is our first con over the big pond ;) . We’ll have our full offer there as well as some GenCon releases and pre-releases.
In the coming 2 weeks I’ll post details of the all new items we’ll bring. Here’s the first one – WW2 German Style heads sculpted by Filin.


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