Fantasy Flight Games Gen Con 2010 Releases

Come to the Fantasy Flight Games booth at Gen Con 2010 to experience the premiere debut of Dust Tactics andCadwallon: City of Thieves!

If you hold a ticket for any Dust Tactics or Cadwallon: City of Thieves event at Gen Con 2010, you’ll be happy to learn that the existing calendar remains unchanged.

All Gen Con events for both Dust Tactics and Cadwallon: CIty of Thieves, including the Dust Tactics Gen Con Skirmish, are being run by Fantasy Flight Games staff at their previously announced schedules. Each event will occur at its original time and location. No times or locations have changed.

In addition, Dust Tactics Gen Con Skirmish participants are still going to receive their promotional figures and decals, can still win a special promo robot, and can enter the drawing to win one of two pre-painted sets of Dust Tactics!


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