Dark Age Games Gen Con 2010

BJ from Dark Age Games posted this on the DA forums:

Barring unforseen acts of whichever god you believe in this is what to expect from Dark Age this year at Gencon:

First and foremost on everyone’s mind, the new book(s) will not be there. The timing was not right, and instead of rushing to put out a substandard product, we want to take the time to put out a quality product. The official date will be made known at Gencon, it will be this year and it will be worth the wait. In the meantime starting during Gencon we will make available the Core Rules as a free download, as well as Forcelist changes to existing products. New Forcelists will be released with the new book(s).

For Sale at the CMON booth (#826) will be the following:

The current full line of Dark Age miniatures plus
-Outcast – Mongo
-Outcast – Wasteland Warriors (3)
-Skarrd – Jon Woe, last years Immortal winner.
-The first in a series of Dark Age 54mm models.

Outcast – Mongo – $29.99
Outcast – Wasteland Warriors (3) – $19.99
Skarrd – Jon Woe – $8.99
Dark Age Masterpiece Series – Lucky – $19.99

On hand at the CMON booth will be DA demos, and there is a major change to the way the game is played so even if you play DA you might want to swing by and see the new gameplay!

Masterpiece Series 54mm Lucky by Dark Age Games


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