Cipher Studios Gen Con 2010

Gen Con 2010 is upon us! Hopefully we will see many of you there. Please feel free to come visit us in the exhibitors hall at booth 2210. At the booth we will be selling a limited number of new Hell Dorado starters for $29.99 apiece, they will look like this …

Cipher Studios Shows Starters at Gen Con 2010

Unfortunately we will not have the book at the show, it is still going to take us a few months to get the book finished and printed. We did work up a quick start rules sheet to include with the starter so that you can get started playing the game right away if you pick one up.

As I stated earlier we will also have Augustinus Raimond available at the booth for $14.99. We will only have 180 of them so you may want to drop by early on during the show and pick one up. We think there’s a pretty decent chance that we will sell out of these. We will also be selling Augustinus through our web store during the show to give people who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to attend Gen Con a chance to pick him up. Augustinus will of course be offered at a later date with the general release of the starters and books.

There are many exciting things happening at booth 2210 which we will be sharing with the following other companies.

Darkson Designs will be joining us with a new book released at the show for AE-WWII, and their newest recently released project AE-Bounty. Additionally you can order any of the Darkson Designs convention only LE’s and specials for a limited time from our web store here.

Pulp Monsters, the makers of Pulp City will be on hand to show off their wares.

Max Mini, fresh off of a successful show at Salute, have decided to come across the pond and experience Gen Con for the first time. Come on by and help make their visit to America a great one by checking out the products they are bringing along with them to show off.

On the Anima front, never fear for their will be demos given at the FFG booth all week as well as events to play in. Also keep your eyes on the cases at the FFG booth to see some of our new and upcoming models for AT.

We look forward to seeing you at the show, please travel safely.


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