I’ve adjusted my 15mm pricing on figures.  See below.

I’ve decided that I have time and the capability (meaning the set up at home and materials necessary) to finally offer commissions on miniatures.

I’m not a world renowned painter, nor am I a natural artist.  I don’t paint Golden Demon, nor Privateer Press Masterclass.  What I do paint is tabletop quality that friends would be happy to play against. I can paint up a single figure that fits in impressively with your army, or several troops meant to fit together with a cohesive look and design.  I can pin and assemble models as well as clean and strip miniatures that are all ready painted.

My prices are extremely reasonable and competitive.  Since I’m just starting out, I’d be happy to work with my first customers to get started as well as get references.

Suggested Base Pricing- Prices are approximate

Single Miniature or approximately 30mm base (unique, unique solos, warcasters, warlocks, characters, leaders, generals, captain, etc): $5.50-$8 depending on details.

Single Miniature or approximately 30mm base (non-uniques, individual troops, solos ): $4 -$6

Squads, units, troops, approximately 30mm bases: $3-$5 a model (A unit of four Privateer Press Widowmakers at base price would cost around $12-$15 to finish to tabletop quality.)

~40mm base + additional $3 or more each figure

~50mm base + $5 or more each figure

~15mm figures: $1.50 per figure based individually or on a stand.

~ large groups of “no name” figures (insurgents, goblins, skeletons, zombies) with basic paintjob: $1 – $.150

~15mm vehicles/large monsters: $5 +

Monsters/Warmachines/Mecha/Vehicles (28mm)

~Monster/Warmachine/Large Robots that are ‘bigger’ will be assessed a $2 increase in price from the above prices, based upon base sizes. A Hive Tyrant for example, might be quoted at around $10-12 depending on your details

Vehicles $10+ depending on details and on size.

The above prices are a suggested base price but will begin with the prices above in mind when we begin discussions.  I am willing to negotiate and willing to listen to adjust my rates.  I want you to be happy and I want to have your commission work.  If you think the prices are too high, send me an email and let me know.  We’ll discuss it.


I am currently available for immediate commissions.   Once a price is agreed upon, we define a deadline for me to send you updated pictures.  Pictures taken of primed model, during painting, and after work is completed, so you get at least three updates.  If I fail to finish your model and send you completed pictures on or before our last deadline, you pay only half the commission value.  Large armies and multiple models in a commission are exceptions to this rule as they may take a much longer anticipated time to complete than first discussed.  I prefer to work on smaller commissions at a time.


Half payment must be sent before I begin painting the model.  Final payment will be sent after I send completed photo and before shipping the model back to you.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling is paid for by the customer to and from my home in Southeast, Kansas.  Shipping is done via the customer’s request.  If you prefer Fedex, then I’ll send Fedex.  However, USPS Priority mail with insurance and delivery confirmation is standard.  I refuse to ship a model without delivery confirmation.

Please let me know if I can work for you.  If my prices don’t seem reasonable or affordable, please send me your offer.


I reserve the right to ask customers for a reference for any and all future work.

I reserve the right to take photographs of any commisions and post them on any forum to advertise my work.  Requests must be made during the discussion of the commission if you don’t wish for your commissioned work to be publicized.

If you have any questions email me at penandleadATgmailDOTcom and we’ll get started discussing your ideas and what you want painted.


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