New Link on Boardgame Geek for my Work in Progress and What I’ve Been Up To

I haven’t posted here in a long time but I haven’t forgotten this site.  I’ve been busy with a few personal projects and have been writing for Initiative Magazine, the sister magazine to Figure Painter Magazine.


I’ve been writing a draft adventure for the new Star Trek: Adventures RPG play test from Modiphius Entertainment as well as working on a module to upload Thunderbirds: The Cooperative Game onto Tabletopia for them as well.





In addition, I’ve been working on taking real board games and importing them into Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator for the Indie Game Alliance, a covenant of independent game developers and designers.


To join the IGA, you can follow this link:


Lastly, I’m working on a worker placement design called New Alcatraz,  for a game with the unique mechanic of having something dangerous happen as you place your worker.  Check out the thread on Board Game Geek.



Tor Gaming Competition

Tor Gaming, the maker of Relics is having a nice little competition. Below is the video:

Here is the link to the competion page:

Swing by and give them a look by clicking , they have some very unique models!

Gamer OCD

I know that many of us gamers have Gamer OCD, I do.
I mean I really, really do.
Like crazy bad.
I go through phases when all I want to do is play all the armies of all the games. Then I suddenly don’t.
Gamer OCD.

Perhaps it stems from a need to figure out exactly which army and which system fits your specific gamer “style”. Perhaps it’s just boredom, then again perhaps you want to be a total gamer wizard and play them all. Either way, it can be an extremely debilitating issue. I know when I’m going through it (which right now I’m not thank goodness) it can be an extremely expensive problem. And also confusing because you are always looking for what you want to play and if you want to play this game or that game, what army you want to play, how you want to paint them. The list goes on! My personal con with having gamer OCD is the spendyness of it and the fact that I take forever to decide how I want to paint my minis. I love all the games I’ve played and factions I’ve played within those games, but for some reason nothing ever really filled the void I had. That is until I found Cipher Studios and Soda Pop Miniatures. I have finally discovered two companies that produce stunning models and really solid rule sets.
So if you have the plague known as gamer OCD you have a few options, you can keep buying all the factions of all the games selling stuff as you grow sick of it or you can keep trucking through till you find the game(s) and faction(s) that make your heart sing. I have found my happy games. So I encourage you, if you have gamer OCD, to find out which option works best for you.

Happy gaming!

AnyDice Dice Probability Application

So I stumbled across a wonderful dice probability and odds application the other while browsing the National Game Design Month (NagaDemon) website.  The application is called AnyDice and you can use it figure the probability of any die roll.

For example, a simple roll of 2d6 yields this output:

2 2.78
3 5.56
4 8.33
5 11.11
6 13.89
7 16.67
8 13.89
9 11.11
10 8.33
11 5.56
12 2.78

So, a roll of 6 has a 13.89% chance of occuring, while rolling a 7, the most likely outcome, has a 16.67% chance of coming up.  No wonder you don’t want a 7 in the game of craps!

The website itself is described as “… an online tool – also called a web application – that you can use to calculate dice probabilities. It is like a calculator, but for more than just numbers. You feed it a dice mechanic and it will tell you the odds for every possible result that you could get.”

The online tool is quite powerful, allowing you to add variables, if / then statements and more.  You can show the odds for at least or at most on a die roll, as well as a ton of other uses and variables.

If you are into the mechanics of dice rolling or are a game designer, I suggest you visit AnyDice.

Click HERE to visit AnyDice.

Facebook Group for Pen and Lead and Contest

Hi all,

I’ve set up a Facebook account, and I’m running a contest.  When we get to 50 likes on the Facebook page found HERE, I’ll randomly pick someone who is a follower of this blog and also likes the new Facebook page and let them pick out one of the resin display cubes by Secret Weapon Miniatures that I reviewed.

The randomly chosen person gets their choice!  If you haven’t, check out the review and let me know what you think.

I’ll also do a give away at 100 likes as well, most likely, so if you don’t get the prize the first time around, you may get a chance the second.

In the meantime, I am working on a Combined Army starter from Infinity, the game.  I’ve primered them and have just put my first layer of paint on, a nice Deep Blue by the Army Painter Warpaint range.

See you on Facebook as well as here!

Bob Nolan

aka, Varagon

Steve Jackson Games Looking for More Games to Publish

From the Daily Illuminator that is published daily at 9am:

Would You Like To Be Acquired?

To make a long story short: I’d like to plow some Munchkin money back into the game hobby. Here’s a very direct invitation.

If you’ve been publishing good games, and you know it, but you would like to cash out . . . or if you want to keep creating games but would rather be part of an operation with a 30-year track record and a good health plan . . . talk to me.

This is not “Hey, everybody, I’m looking for random submissions!” Really, it’s not. It’s for established publishers. If you’ve never sold to Alliance or ACD, or had a booth at the GAMA Trade Show, or had whole BGG threads arguing about whether you were secretly the Spawn of Satan, then this is probably not aimed at you.

I figure this announcement, posted this way, will get a bit of talk, which makes it a good way to reach out to the whole hobby. I just wish I’d done it on April 1 so I could have gotten some viral “Does he mean it?” repostings. Hindsight is 20-20.

Phil Reed will do the initial screening for me. Write to him at We will keep confidentiality. In fact, only four of us at SJ Games will even know who has responded until and unless we sign a non-disclosure agreement, and then we’ll work according to the agreement. If the deal doesn’t work out, it officially never happened. If it does work out, you could cash a check, or join the Illuminati, or both.

Let’s see what happens.

— Steve Jackson

Return From Vacation

I’ve had a jaunt to Florida for vacation and have since returned.

I’ve got a few of things planned for the near future:

1. Review of Genius Factory Scenario Markers

2. Two interviews from those involved with:

  • Carnevale
  • Bushido

3.  Continued work on my 11+1 challenge for 2013

First, I need to begin and finish writing the mercenary fluff for the new Hell Dorado expansion as the Kickstarter is planned for March.

If there is anything you’d like to see or have discussed, please let me know.

Daily Illuminator: Retailers, We Want Your Promotional Materials!

Daily Illuminator: Retailers, We Want Your Promotional Materials!.

Steve Jackson Games is offereing brick and mortar stores a chance to share any promotional materials as they will send them out with their Warehouse 23 orders.

Free advertising?  Sure!

From the link:

Retailers, We Want Your Promotional Materials!

Do you own a brick and mortar retail store? If you do then please mail us a few hundred copies of your store postcard or business card and we’ll include your cards in appropriate* Warehouse 23 orders. We’re constantly looking for new ways to direct gamers to stores in their area — if your store isn’t in our Gamer and Store Finder database please add yourself today! — and this is just the latest in a series of experiments for introducing fans to local stores.

You can mail your promotional material (materials received after October 1, 2012 may not be used) to:

Steve Jackson GamesAttn: W23 ManagerP.O. Box 18957Austin, TX 78760

* For example, if your store is in Florida then we won’t include your postcard in orders shipped to Nevada.

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster- Backed on Kickstarter

So, just like the other 4,277 backers, I jumped in and backed the Studio  McVey and Cool Mini or Not game Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster on

I jumped in at the Biohazard level at $100 which gets me all the cool stuff added to the base game.  In addition, I kicked in for all the extra models (+$75) and terrain (+$30) and a double set of tiles (+$25).  You get 98 models in the base set, plus all the great sci-fi homage figures from inspirational things like Dead Space, Firefly/Sereneity, Pitch Black, and more.

The mechanics look interesting with the Strain models being able to evolve into more / different versions phase 1, 2, 3, etc, and since the models come from Studio McVey, you know the sculpts are going to be top-notch.

The main game is supposed to be shipped in November with all the cool stuff shipped in March 2013!  That’s a long time to wait, but it will be well worth it.

Furthermore, Sedition Wars is now the #1 backed board game on Kickstarter with a total raised of $951,254, almost one million dollars, surpassing Ogre from Steve Jackson Games by roughly $30,00.

If you haven’t, go check the game out and let me know what you think. Below, you’ll find a link to a gameplay video on Youtube: