Hell Dorado Kickstarter Continues its Success- More Add-Ons

Hell Dorado Logo

Hell Dorado Logo

The Hell Dorado Kickstarter for the new Inferno expansion continues to climb.  Cipher Studios met their first goal of a new mercenary add-on model as described:

Marcus Leblanc

Chaplain Brother of the Knights Templar

Mercenaries Independent

Since Templars can only confess to their own Brother Chaplains without obtaining a papal dispensation, the position of Brother Chaplain is extremely important to the well-being of the order. Marcus traveled to Hell a short time after Andre and he has been working with his master to rebuild the order’s strength in the underworld. They feel their mission is no less relevant in the infernal realm than it was in the Holy Land. Marcus is the spiritual leader of the bailey as well as a fearsome warrior in his own right after many years of training and study.
The second stretch goal of a hardcover book at $22000 has been reached as well.  I think a lot of gamers appreciate the hardcovers.
Harback Expansion

Harback Expansion

The next stretch goal is a pair of “Infernal Hordes” add-ons at $27000.
Infernal Hordes add-on

Infernal Hordes add-on


Although I think Cipher is doing great on their Kickstarter, they need to start adding in some freebies so current pledgers up their pledges.  As of right now, we are just getting add-ons that we can buy later, nothing for the current Kick.



Hell Dorado INFERNO Expansion Kickstarter Started

Hell Dorado INFERNO Kickstarter has Launched!

Hell Dorado INFERNO Kickstarter has Launched!


Cipher Studios, producers of Anima and Hell Dorado, announced an expansion for Hell Dorado last year, and that Kickstarter has finally begun.  The focus is raising money to fund the first expansion to Hell Dorado, called Inferno.

From Cipher’s announcement:

Cipher Studios is proud to announce today that we are launching the Kickstarter event to help us fund the publishing of the first expansion book for the Hell Dorado Miniatures Game, Hell Dorado: Inferno

Hell Dorado: Inferno is the first expansion to the Hell Dorado game and universe. In Inferno Fallen Angel Abezeth, claiming to be sent by Lucifer, heads a massive demon host bent on eradicating the upstart invaders from Lucifer’s realm.  Inferno includes the first set of models and rules created for the game by Cipher Studios and will feature rules for new models for all six Hell Dorado Factions. It will also feature: New Scenarios, new battlefields, and new terrain types to make your games more exciting than ever before. Hell Dorado: Inferno will give players more army strategies, more game variety, and more of the miniatures that make it one of the best looking miniature games around.

We’ve decided to run a Kickstarter event to aid us in funding the major costs associated with creating a print manual. We’ve already released several of the models to be featured in the book, however there will be plenty of new surprises to be had when you get your hands on it. There’s also plenty of goodies and special perks available to those who back us at this stage, including signed artwork by Bertrand Benoit, the lead Hell Dorado Artist, Limited Edition sculpts, and even a 200 point company painted by our studio painters!

So get over to the site and pledge to support the next chapter in Hell Dorado today!


Visit the KS page HERE.


Update on Hell Dorado Kickstarter by Cipher Studios

A little bit of information on the Hell Dorado Kickstarter has been revealed by Cipher Kai on their forums.  Here is what he had to say about it:

Hell Dorado Logo

Hell Dorado Logo

Just a quick update on the Kickstarter.  We are working hard on making this a great campaign that will excite the audience and offer great incentive to jump in and get back to the Hell Dorado universe.

We’re recovering from our last Kickstarter: Gate of Memories.  These campaigns are pretty intense.

We are working on the video and are in the editing phase.  We’re developing cool pledge levels, add ons, and stretch goals.

A few more elements and we’ll be ready to launch in February.

A few posts later, it was mentioned that a hardcover rule book will be part of the Kickstarter campaign!

I look forward to this as I love the models and the game, and since it’s resurrection, we’ve been waiting for some more “oomph” to add to the game.

Tor Gaming’s Relics Kickstarter Reinforcements- Stretch Goal # 1 Models

Finally, a last image of some stretch goals for Tor Gaming’s Relics range of miniatures.  Their Kickstarter should start within the day, but I wanted to make one last post and get everyone excited.

Below you will find the first stretch goals for each of the four factions; Britanan, Orcnar, Nuem, and Vaettir.

Enjoy the preview artwork!

Puppeter, Ealdmolder, Domini, and Vaelad

Puppeter, Ealdmolder, Domini, and Vaelad

Now, it’s off to bed to hopefully wake up to a new Kickstarter!


Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter Green Greens Preview

Since Mr.  Moorcroft, owner of Tor Gaming, gave me a sneak peek at the Kickstarter page, I thought it would be good to post up the beginnings of the new sculpts for his game, Relics.  They aren’t officially greens yet, as they are just started, so they are “green” greens!



The Bomber


Ornar Nappa


Nuem Degener


Vaettir Hunta

From the Kickstarter page:

All the models produced because of this project will not instantly be released for general purchase. They will go towards building a good release schedule going forward.

However, as the models are achieved on the project, we will add them to the shopping lists (see below) and if you choose them as part of you perk, you will get them once they are sculpted and cast! That means it’s possible you could have the sculpts months before they are officially available!

They look great so far, and I can’t wait to see the finished project.  No, do I buy into the Vaettir or the Nuem???

I’ll be posting up additional information on Saturday and Sunday as a lead into the new Kickstarter with a link to the page when it goes live.

Tor Gaming Announces Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter

Tor Gaming recently announced a new Kickstarter for their miniature game, Relics, called Relics Reinforcements.  The Kickstarter will go live on Monday and there is a new page with countdown available found HERE for those that want to know when it will go live.


Gavin Moorcroft, owner of Tor Gaming, mentions this about the upcoming Kickstarter:

“…the Kickstarter will be to fund the creation of the sculpts for outstanding profiles from the rulebook, which is about 19 packs.  But, we aren’t going for it in one go, the main target will be for four packs, one from each race in the game. Then each stretch goal will add another four packs to the list funded.

If it goes totally crazy, we will add as yet unreleased profiles to the project and therefore expand the profiles available for the current races.

The perks will be pretty open, giving the backer up to 30% return on their pledge – so if you pledge x, you get x+30% to spend on the relics range. The available items to choose from will expand as we hit targets.

The sculpts funded by the project WILL NOT go on general sale but rather slot into a release schedule that if it funds well could be over a years worth of releases! So, by backing the project the backers get access to these models months before they are available on general release!”

Below you will find an official announcement about this new Kickstarter as well as some sneak peek previews of the models that will become available.


The project sounds like a great concept and I’m planning on participating to get my first Relics models and when I do I’m hoping for a review on the quality of the models and the sculpts!

AE-WWII: European Theater by Blackball Games, Inc. » Add Ons!

AE-WWII: European Theater by Blackball Games, Inc. » Add Ons! — Kickstarter.

Blackball Games just upped the ante on their Kickstarter with several add ons.

If you haven’t backed this game yet, you need to do it now.  Let’s see the revised edition of this game get published and going strong on the market.

Click the link above.

AE-WWII: European Theater Vampire Update

AE-WWII: European Theater by Blackball Games,  has just added a new reward for everyone who is backing at the $130 level which is the rulebook and a detachment of your choice.

SS Vampire Green

Here’s the quote from the update:

The occult atrocities of the SS know no bounds!  As Operation: Kickstart nears its halfway point, Allied progress has slowed.  Reports are coming in that this is due in no small part to an increase in sightings of bloodsucking fiends across Europe.  Sketchy reports have come in over the past few years, but it is now terribly clear that the SS have legions of vampiric soldiers at their disposal.  Leading small squads of Waffen SS, these creatures have slowed the progress of the Allied resupply operation.  Allied commanders are offering a cash bounty for the confirmed destruction of any of these occult horrors.  Do your part!  Operation: Kickstart cannot succeed while these parasites roam the battlefield!

Things have slowed down considerably and in a shameless attempt to bolster interest (and funding) the Axis is throwing in their lot to the campaign.  We’ve dug up (get it?) the green for the SS Vampire and have decided to include one of these models for every backer at the Lieutenant level and higher!  This is not a stretch goal!  We want to thank those of you that have stuck with us and encourage everyone to continue spreading the word about the project.  If the project is successfully funded everyone at the Lieutenant level and higher will get a nasty SS Vampire to fight against (or with)!  Thanks a lot everyone!

Games & Gears, New Company, Has New Game Boards and Kickstarter

 Games & Gears, a new company, has a Kickstarter for their new board tiles.

Each tile is 12″x12″ with various “designs” and textures for different gaming environments.

From what I’ve seen online, they look pretty good.  Not sure how durable they are or how well they stay put when gaming, but they are something I’m interested in.  I don’t think I’ll back them as yet, as I would 9 of these tiles to create a board of the size I’d like.

Mr. Card Game by Evertide Games

Mr. Card Game by Evertide Games.

How many of you have heard of the Kingdom of Loathing (KOL)? It’s an online spoof of online and tabletop RPGs.  It’s got a lot of humor and you probably should be a fellow geek to get in on the jokes.

Mr. Card Game Box Art

However, Evertide Games has taken that aspect (the online part) and made a card game!

The Kickstarter is long gone (I just now found out about it), but have fond memories of the Kingdom of Loathing.

Anyway, Evertide Games is taking ‘preorders’ from the first print run, which will include all of the bonuses from the KS.  So, jump on over to Evertide Games’ website, click the Mr. Card Game link at the top, then the preorder link.

It’s got to be a good game just for the humor!