Tor Gaming’s Relics Kickstarter Reinforcements- Stretch Goal # 1 Models

Finally, a last image of some stretch goals for Tor Gaming’s Relics range of miniatures.  Their Kickstarter should start within the day, but I wanted to make one last post and get everyone excited.

Below you will find the first stretch goals for each of the four factions; Britanan, Orcnar, Nuem, and Vaettir.

Enjoy the preview artwork!

Puppeter, Ealdmolder, Domini, and Vaelad

Puppeter, Ealdmolder, Domini, and Vaelad

Now, it’s off to bed to hopefully wake up to a new Kickstarter!



Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter Green Greens Preview

Since Mr.  Moorcroft, owner of Tor Gaming, gave me a sneak peek at the Kickstarter page, I thought it would be good to post up the beginnings of the new sculpts for his game, Relics.  They aren’t officially greens yet, as they are just started, so they are “green” greens!



The Bomber


Ornar Nappa


Nuem Degener


Vaettir Hunta

From the Kickstarter page:

All the models produced because of this project will not instantly be released for general purchase. They will go towards building a good release schedule going forward.

However, as the models are achieved on the project, we will add them to the shopping lists (see below) and if you choose them as part of you perk, you will get them once they are sculpted and cast! That means it’s possible you could have the sculpts months before they are officially available!

They look great so far, and I can’t wait to see the finished project.  No, do I buy into the Vaettir or the Nuem???

I’ll be posting up additional information on Saturday and Sunday as a lead into the new Kickstarter with a link to the page when it goes live.

Tor Gaming Announces Relics Reinforcements Kickstarter

Tor Gaming recently announced a new Kickstarter for their miniature game, Relics, called Relics Reinforcements.  The Kickstarter will go live on Monday and there is a new page with countdown available found HERE for those that want to know when it will go live.


Gavin Moorcroft, owner of Tor Gaming, mentions this about the upcoming Kickstarter:

“…the Kickstarter will be to fund the creation of the sculpts for outstanding profiles from the rulebook, which is about 19 packs.  But, we aren’t going for it in one go, the main target will be for four packs, one from each race in the game. Then each stretch goal will add another four packs to the list funded.

If it goes totally crazy, we will add as yet unreleased profiles to the project and therefore expand the profiles available for the current races.

The perks will be pretty open, giving the backer up to 30% return on their pledge – so if you pledge x, you get x+30% to spend on the relics range. The available items to choose from will expand as we hit targets.

The sculpts funded by the project WILL NOT go on general sale but rather slot into a release schedule that if it funds well could be over a years worth of releases! So, by backing the project the backers get access to these models months before they are available on general release!”

Below you will find an official announcement about this new Kickstarter as well as some sneak peek previews of the models that will become available.


The project sounds like a great concept and I’m planning on participating to get my first Relics models and when I do I’m hoping for a review on the quality of the models and the sculpts!