MK Hobby Paint Rack Review

Today we introduce the first of our guest articles. Chris Bilewicz took time to review the MK hobby paint rack as he had a lot of Army Painter paints he needed to organize.

Note: This is not a paid review

MK Hobby Paint Rack by Chris Bilewicz

After recently purchasing the Ultimate paint set form Army Painter which included 124 paints, I wanted to arrange and store them neatly on my desk rather than just keeping them all in a box out of the way. My preference as a painter is to have all my paints visible and in front of me as I paint. I also try to lay out my paints in some sort of order where similar colours and tones go together. This allows me to not only pick my highlight colours for the stage I am painting quickly but it also saves me time not having to find a specific colour as I go. So with that in mind, I needed to get myself a paint rack!

My first solution (as with any) was to check on the internet to see what is out there and at what price. Luckily without too much time and effort exerted I came across a company on eBay called MK Hobby. They are a Polish company and have a large selection of paint racks on offer to choose from. For my purchase, I went for the (HDF) Paint bottles rack organiser that holds 135 paints. Originally I wasn’t a 100% sure on this purchase as the height of the rack was 40cm and I thought this may be quite imposing on my desk, as I have previously used a low lying wide organiser for a different paint range.

The product is made from laser-cut hardboard and the components which there are 26 of are around 4mm thick, needless to say, it is very sturdy! As it was laser cut, everything fit to perfection. I did use some glue whilst assembling it because I wanted the final product to be firm and hold all the paints with ease. I would recommend using some glue, as it was a little bit fiddly putting together some of the elements unless you have a helping hand from someone to hold parts whilst you are assembling. It took around 20 minutes to put together and the instructions were very useful and easy to follow which always helps!

Finally, the finish of the product is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and touch. The wood is very smooth and with no jagged edges what so ever. Even the MK logo at the bottom of the rack looks nice. You can store the dropper bottles both normally, or cap down – whichever your preference is. As another option, you could certainly also lay the rack on its back whilst painting and it still looks neat and tidy. The paints won’t fall out as they are in a diagonal position whilst being displayed on the rack.

Overall I could not be happier with this purchase and I do recommend it and the company highly. Not only has it sorted my storage solution for all of my paints but it does make my painting area look professional again.

You can find MK Hobby on Facebook and Ebay or email them. Links are below

Email: mkhobby.poland AT gmail DOT com

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