I picked up some Freeblades models by DGS games  in September and I’m making slow progress. I think I”m about done, but I’ll need to add some details to things like pouches, hilts, etc.  This is the Haradelan Questers starter, then with more models added.  They are knightly models on a quest for peace and justice.






I’ve since done quite a bit more painting on these models and even painted the bases black.  I’ll update when they are all done.


2 thoughts on “Freeblades

  1. Hi, ran across the Haradelan Questers post and look forward to seeing the finished models. DGS Is running a kickstarter for a new faction if you have not heard. Thanks for posting your pictures and your comments, we love to see different paints and here customer comments. THanks – Tom Meier

    • Thanks Tom! I’ve finished them and I’ll need to do a follow-up article shortly. I’ll be at the tournament on the 20th at the Geekery in Kansas City and you can see them in person if you’ll be around.

      Freeblades is a fun game and I’m hoping it picks up a lot of steam.

      Thanks again!

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