Marrow Productions’ Journey: Wrath of Demons Unboxing

I received my basic pledge from the Journey: Wrath of Demons Kickstarter today. The box was fairly heavy, and thick, to protect the single box contents. First, let’s discuss what’s included with the basic box plus the boxed game upgrade from the Kickstarter. Then, at the end, I will include images taken when I pulled open the box on the dining room table.

Here is a quick video of Kei Lun, Heavenly Creature:

I bought into the Single Journey Early Bird Special which included the “Boxed Game Upgrade” stuff from the Kickstarter bonus, including all this found here:

• 4 Pilgrims: The Monkey King, Tripitaka, Cho Hakkai, Monk Sha

• 3 Demon Lords: Koorogg the Bull Demon King, Yazuiji the Empress Iron Fan, Kogaiji (Koorogg’s son)

• 2 Borrack Bull Generals

• 3 Boof Bullserkers

• 5 Bharhaz Bull Archers

• 15 Berrok Bull Warriors (1 pose but two weapons)

• 1 Kei Lun Heavenly Creature

The above is from the basic game, found on game shelves once it hits retail. My KS copy includes the following extras:

  • 33 + 15 highly detailed plastic miniatures including:
  • 4 Original Pilgrims (all different) + 1 Dragon Princess Xiao Yan
  • 3 different Boss Demons
  • 1 huge Heavenly Creature
  • 25 + 9 Bull Demons in 4 different types and poses
  • + 2 Bone Warriors
  • + 3 Independent Demons (Zing Yau x 1, Jing Yau x 2)
  • 9 large doubled-sided color map tiles and other scenery tiles
  • 6 custom dice + 6 KS Exclusive dice
  • Full color rules and scenario book
  • Over 100 cards from the core game
  • + 4 KS Exclusive Skill Cards, +20 KS Exclusive Fortune/Misfortune Cards,+15 KS Exclusive Nightmare Deck Cards, + 15 KS Exclusive Nightmare Cards
  • + 4 Plastic Initiative Tokens

Journey Base Extras

Here is the image of all the contents:

single journey

Finally, here are the images as I pulled them from the box:


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