Gamer OCD

I know that many of us gamers have Gamer OCD, I do.
I mean I really, really do.
Like crazy bad.
I go through phases when all I want to do is play all the armies of all the games. Then I suddenly don’t.
Gamer OCD.

Perhaps it stems from a need to figure out exactly which army and which system fits your specific gamer “style”. Perhaps it’s just boredom, then again perhaps you want to be a total gamer wizard and play them all. Either way, it can be an extremely debilitating issue. I know when I’m going through it (which right now I’m not thank goodness) it can be an extremely expensive problem. And also confusing because you are always looking for what you want to play and if you want to play this game or that game, what army you want to play, how you want to paint them. The list goes on! My personal con with having gamer OCD is the spendyness of it and the fact that I take forever to decide how I want to paint my minis. I love all the games I’ve played and factions I’ve played within those games, but for some reason nothing ever really filled the void I had. That is until I found Cipher Studios and Soda Pop Miniatures. I have finally discovered two companies that produce stunning models and really solid rule sets.
So if you have the plague known as gamer OCD you have a few options, you can keep buying all the factions of all the games selling stuff as you grow sick of it or you can keep trucking through till you find the game(s) and faction(s) that make your heart sing. I have found my happy games. So I encourage you, if you have gamer OCD, to find out which option works best for you.

Happy gaming!


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