Firefly the Game-Wash’s Lucky Dinosaurs Card

Galeforce 9, producers of board games, terrain, and miniature gaming accessories is running a promotion to earn a new card for their game Firefly.


One of the characters, Wash, in the series / movie plays with some toy dinosaurs to help pass the time.  So, GF9 included a paper 2-d version of one of the dinosaurs as the first player token.  Part of their promo is to have players show what they use instead of the 2-d player token.  My group, below, uses a stuffed dinosaur.  We pretend he eases the pain of not finishing a job or being unlucky enough to fail some skill rolls.  The new card is called Wash’s Lucky Dinosaurs.

Playing Firefly the Game

Playing Firefly the Game

So, here is my group of players playing Firefly the game in hopes of getting that promo card.  Above, Phil, is holding a stuffed dinosaur to help ease the pain of failing a job from Niska.  He now has to decide which of his crew isn’t pulling their own weight and get rid of them.

Lucky Dinosaurs Promo Card

Lucky Dinosaurs Promo Card

If you play Firefly, what do you use as a first player token?


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