Kromlech is at it Again: Orc Greatcoat Squad

It seems like I’m on a Kromlech kick, posting their stuff, but they just keep releasing more and more things.  Kromlech has sent along a new batch of pictures for their Orc Greatcoat squad.  From their posting:
Hey all,
The wait is over. The Orc “Schmeisser” Greatcoat Squad is finally here and I have to admit, we are pretty happy with how it has turned out.

Orc Officer

Inside, you will find 10 dudes packed with detail and flavor including a leader and an MG-42 gunner.
If that’s not enough for you (and why it should be?), we have prepared a company deal of three squads for a reduced price.
This is our first full squad set, but we do promise – not the last!


Hope you guys like them and consider the long wait worthwhile.


I think they look pretty cool myself- If I was an Orc fanboy, I’d definitely pick these guys up on looks alone.

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