Kromleck Releases New Orc Pilot

Kromlech, makers of resin bits, accessories, and models, has sent pictures of their new model, an Orc Pilot.  I think he looks pretty good from the image.

Below is the transcript from Kromlech:

Been quite some time since we introduced you to a complete orc model, so I guess today is the day we fix this.
Behold, the one and only, brave, fat and not entirely competent – Orc Pilot!
Give this guy a round of applause! He will need all the cheering, as he does not know it yet, but there is dirty underwear in his backpack, not a parachute.
The model was designed by Igor Karpow and we owe the lovely paint job to no one else than Artur.
…and, here is the image that was sent along.  A great paint job.
Kromleck Orc Pilot

Kromleck Orc Pilot


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