GCT Studios, Makers of Bushido, Back From Gen Con Update

GCT Studios sent out this update after returning back from Gen Con, as they want their fans and those new to the game to new that Wave 14 is live!

We’re back safe and sound from GenCon. All I can say is wow, it was an amazing show and something of an eye opener for all the team. We had an amazing time and are happy to say it went really really well, well enough to have already booked a bigger and better stand for next year as an American waiter kindly let us know “go big or go home”… Love it. Big thanks to all those that stopped by to demo, chat about Bushido, look at the models and pick up the game.

There is a huge list of names that helped us out but a special mention to Greg ‘too long to fit in’ Leonard our Retainer who demoed all weekend as well as prepping us before the show, big thanks. Also a mention to our drinking, arm wrestling, buffalo chicken eating friends that made the evenings particularly memorable, Greg, Jason ‘polar bear’ Koepp, Bill and Skeeter from Frog God Games and the girls from the Medieval Collectibles stand. Carlos has gone into training for next year. A big thanks to TGN for posting all our news 🙂

The Silvermoon Trade Syndicate were well received, people seemed to have a blast gambling their Ki, laughing in the face of fate, or just pounding people with the bear like Buto that is Manu.

See you all next year.

Suchiro – Temple of Ro-Kan

Waynudo – Cult of Yurei

Two brand new concepts from Wave 14, this Wave as always will bring a model for each faction. Look out for more updates in the run up to their launch early October.


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