Experiment- Weathering With Salt Post # 2

So, I’ve made one more step on my first experiment of weathering with salt.  This technique is fairly popular and has been used by the gaming and modeling community for a while now.  A simple Google search for “Weathering with salt” will yield all sorts of tutorials.  If you want to see the first step of primering, click HERE.

In some of the tutorials, they use nail polish remover as a way to remove the paint to get a “weathered” and “rusted” look as well, but I chose to use salt only.

However, I’ve never tried it before, so I wanted to document my progress.

Below: salt, a small cup of water, and my AE-WWII Robot Troopers.


Here, below, are a couple of images with the salt on the trooper.


To do this, I simply got a small #1 or so brush full of water, and ran it over the areas that I thought would be “weathered.”

Next, I used the salt in a bowl, and pinched the salt and sprinkled it on the areas that were painted with water.

I continued doing so until all the areas were ‘salty’ enough.


Here are the three troopers ‘salted.’


The next step will be to let them dry, and as I’ll be gone a couple of days over the weekend, the salt should stick to the miniature as it dries.

Afterwards, I will use an airbrush to lay down some paint, then brush the salt off, leaving the grey as seen above, showing through.  These guys are also part of my 2013 11+1 Challenge.I hope it turns out!



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