Tor Gaming Offers New Two Player Starter Deal for Relics


Tor Gaming, producers of the Relics miniatures range and game, is having a bundle sale for two players.  From their announcement:

Relics Two Player Bundle DealThe ideal way for two friends to get into Relics, the Two player Bundle Deal is you gateway to Relicia!

Tor Gaming Relics Two Player Starter Bundle

Included in this deal is:

* Two 200 point armies:
** Britanan: 1 Arcanum Guard, 6 Troopers, 3 Grenadiers and 3 Highlanders.
** Vaettir: 1 Huntawalu, 3 Varriers, 2 Cylods, 1 Vstonin and 3 Elvspon
* 4x Britanan Dice
* 4x Vaettir Dice
* 2x A5 Hardback Rulebook

What is the point in buying a Two Playeer Bundle Deal if only one of you can have a rulebook? With the Relics Two Player Bundle Deal both players get their own HARDBACK Relics rulebook!

Now available (in limited numbers) for £99.00. If it proves popular, we will make it permanent and available to retailers.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting started with a buddy and Relics, now is your chance!  Click the link right above and give them a look.


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