Experiment: Help Write the Rules to a Tabletop Minis Game Part II

As a continuation from my previous post “Experiment: Help Write the Rules to a Tabletop Minis Game”, I wanted to do a summation so far of what we’ve come up.

Here are the rules as I first posted them to help get started:

1.  The rules must fit on the front and back of an 8.5 x 11″ paper.
2.  Army lists can be listed separately from the rules.
3.  Must be generic enough for people to use their own models in a specific setting, i, e., fantasy, sci-fi, modern, pulp, space or airplane, etc.  However, choosing a current range that doesn’t currently have rules might be easier.
4.  NOT mass battles, but skirmish.
5.  Finally, alternating activations of some kind and no action points.

With the help of a couple of other commenters, this is where we are at:

1.  True line of sight

2.  All models have 360 degree field of vision

3.  Movement is simple- Walk/Run/Charge

4.  Shooting should possibly be unmodified or a simple modifier for range.

5. Actions can only be performed once

6.  Some models, like leaders or specials, can perform more than one action.

7.  Actions can be performed in any order

8.  Some common actions:

  • Run (May not perform any other actions)
  • Move (jump/climb)
  • Activate/Interact
  • Attack (Melee/Range)

9.  Leaders may get “orders” or special commands

10.  Dice is a D6

So, what do you few, proud readers think so far?  What do we need to add for some more ideas?  We can get to specifics later.

Leave your thoughts below or on the original thread linked above.


2 thoughts on “Experiment: Help Write the Rules to a Tabletop Minis Game Part II

    • Definitely- Blogs don’t have a spot for “random” or “off-topic” questions do they?

      I’m in the midst of creating a band for each side and I’m going to go through a couple of turns with the rules doing some solo play to hopefully get a better understanding of the system.

      Perhaps I should just charge ahead anyway?

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