My Next Project: AE-WWII Robot Troopers Plus 2013 11+1 Challenge


So, for my next project, I’m going to work on my AE:WWII American sci-tech detachment.  I’ve been enjoying the game a lot so thought I should at least give the models that aren’t painted a chance to shine on the field of battle.  The models below were primed black and lightly dusted with white from above to give a faux zenithal highlighting technique.


AE-WWII is a game by Blacball Games, formerly owned by Darkson Designs.  The game had a little update in the form of a Kickstarter, and I’ve really come to like it.  Before hand, I had played AE-Bounty, based on the same mechanics, but hadn’t jumped into the AE-WWII side of things until recently.

AE-WWII is a combination sci-fi / historical game with a unique army building mechanic.  Instead of building on points, a player selects a detachment type, and simply fills slots based on that detachment.  In the list building, you can “remove” a slot to upgrade other slots and do some other neat things.  It makes for an enjoyable experience if you are looking for something outside of building by points.  Blackball Games describes AE-WWII as, “AE-WWII is a skirmish-based miniatures game set in the retro sci-fi setting of an alternate World War II.AE-WWII combines miniatures wargaming and historical fiction into a flexible, points-free detachment system that is strategic and tactical –as fast as it is fun. Players can create purely historical forces or units comprised of the new technological wonders and terrifying horrors.”  Another unique thing about the game is you can build a purely historical detachment, or weird it out as you see fit.

What you see above is the primed version of a unit of Robot Troopers, a “green” choice for the American’s sci-tech detachment.  I’m going to try and paint them up with American pride in blue, white, and red.  We will see how they come out.

Also, since I’m still challenging myself, I’m adding these to my 11+1 challenge, where I’ve challenged my readers to paint 11+1 models for the 2013 year.  The models have to be your own, and you have to keep them.  They are your models to display and keep, not for sale or trade.

Below is the stock photo of the painted Robot Troopers.

Painted Robot Troopers


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