Fun Stuff: Army Painter


I recently finished  some editing work for The Army Painter who makes a line of model paints and scenic basing accessories.  For those that don’t know, The Army Painter is famous for their brand of “dips”, called Quickshades, and primers.

They recently added new colors of primers and they primers match their Warpaint brand of paints, making touch up and painting your models a breeze.

I’ve never used their Quickshade or primers, but most people like the effect it gives on a model.


For the work I did, they sent along a sampling of their product as you can see above.  I’ve used some of their product before, notably the “winter turf” brand of grass and some basic grass.  With the samples above, I should be set for a lot of creative endeavors with my models and will make a great addition to my growing supply of basing materials.

I’ve also started using their paints to supplement the P3 paints I own, and so far, I like their consistency and the way they lay down on the model.  One thing that you will have to deal with is that they Warpaints dry a little shiny, but that’s nothing some Dullcote wont fix.  In fact, I use Dullcote on almost all of my models when done, so it’s no big deal.

Since I’m doing freelance stuff on the side, if anyone out there needs a proofreader, editor, or writer for any of their products, I am available for work immediately.  Official references and resume can be submitted upon request.

If you haven’t yet, give The Army Painter products a chance and let me know what you think of them.


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