Experiment: Help Write the Rules to a Tabletop Minis Game

I am going to try an experiment.  I’d like to see if my few readers and myself can create an open source set of rules for a miniature war game.

I’ll take suggestions on from anyone with the following constraints:

1.  The rules must fit on the front and back of an 8.5 x 11″ paper.
2.  Army lists can be listed separately from the rules.
3.  Must be generic enough for people to use their own models in a specific setting, i, e., fantasy, sci-fi, modern, pulp, space or airplane, etc.  However, choosing a current range that doesn’t currently have rules might be easier.
4.  NOT mass battles, but skirmish.
5.  Finally, alternating activations of some kind and no action points.

OK, so, post your thoughts and let’s see what happens.


7 thoughts on “Experiment: Help Write the Rules to a Tabletop Minis Game

  1. How small can we write? Is the game scale-specific within a given range?

    It will have to be true line of sight to avoid rules explaining LOS. All models will need a 360degree arc of vision. Movement needs to be simple. Walk/charge/run? Shooting should be an unmodified dice roll up to a range (like 40k), maybe with a simple modifier for short range.

    • Robey: I was thinking no smaller than 10pt font. Game scale doesn’t matter. If you go 15mm, then we just double distance for 30mm.

      Curtis: good ideas on what a model can do. Maybe make a list of normal actions and some special actions for those leaders to use a 3rd action?

  2. OK, so each character can perform actions, but has no action points. So having a list of actions then: move, shoot, fight, heal, drive, use(interact with scenario objectives or destroy terrain etc). Maybe have mixed actions too, like sprint(double movement) or run and gun (move and shoot, but less accurate and less distance)

    I would say that grunts could do 1 action, warriors 2 and characters 3.

  3. We will also need to figure out the dice mechanic to solve resolutions. Anything unique and interesting we can come up with? Use simple D6 to make it accessible, or some other dice?

    So, some ideas for now in regards to actions as well:

    Actions can only be performed one time. Some models can perform multiple actions. Actions can be performed in any order

    Common Actions
    Run (May not perform any other actions)
    Move (jump/climb)
    Attack (Melee/Range)

    Models designated as leaders can perform one action from this list per activation:

    I will continue to think on this… 😀

  4. Thats a good idea, that each model can do 1 action.

    Then your team has extra actions that can be assigned as heroic deed or as mentioned above, orders.

    As for dice, might as well keep it simple. D^. Although I personally prefer D10!

  5. It’s been some time since I’ve looked at this, so D6 it is. Do we keep it simple and boring and do something like Roll a D6 to equal or higher to succeed or something a little more innovative?

    Do we make it opposed rolls to keep both sides involved? I like the idea of opposed rolls, but if you look at Pulp City’s opposed rolls, someone rolling a 1 and another 6 provides a large disparagement between the numbers if the difference is damage. Maybe propose that if you win, it’s one dmg, or something like that, instead of doing damage as the difference.

    Thoughts? Anyone else?

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