Genius Factory Games Mission Counters Giveaway!

Well, after finishing my review of the Genius Factory Games Primary and Secondary Mission Counters on March 3rd, I’ve decided to give them away as prizes with the owner of Genius Factory Games, David Kingsley’s blessings.

GFG Logo

GFG Logo

To enter, follow these steps:

1.  Become a follower of this blog

2. Respond to this blog post and describe which of Genius Factory Games products you would use in a mini game as well as what game you’d use it in, and why.

The deadline for entries will be Friday, April 5th.  I’ll be making sure the winners answer all three parts in their response: A. Which GFG product you’d use, B. What game you’d use it in, and C. Why

Let me know if you have questions about this contest!

Primary Mission Counter Pack 1 from Genius Factory Games

Primary Mission Counter Pack 1 from Genius Factory Games


8 thoughts on “Genius Factory Games Mission Counters Giveaway!

  1. I like the primary mission counters best, because they’re the most generic, so I could use them in a game of HorizonWar. They could be used inn a variety of ways. I like the idea of having them face down, with each worth the number of victory points on their face or, given the range of numbers, face up with the 1 marking the most important objective and the 3s the least important. We tend to play asymmetric missions in HorizonWar, too, so you could have one player pressing for one, big important mission (1), whilst the other plays for lots of small ones (3s). The 2s could then be shared objectives/tie-breakers.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. A. Which GFG product you’d use
    I would use the Secondary Mission Counter Pack as I prefer the imagery used as opposed to just numbers
    B. What game you’d use it in,
    I would use them in Relics! and Kings of War these games use objectives but there ios no ned for them to be numbered so the score on the pieces doesn’t matter
    C. Why
    I likem to make my own game equipment for the most part but these days being short on tiem I think they have a great style and look about them without being too obstrusive or tackly like some of the other mass produced counters you can get which i feel detract from play

  3. I like the primary counters. I would use them for Hordes/Warmachine because I just started playing and I could use the counters for various things like mission counters or even to keep track of fury!!

  4. A. I would use the primary counters, as well as the secondary counters

    B. I would use them in my favourite, Force on Force by Ambush Alley Games & Osprey Publishing

    C. As this game is a mission-based skirmish for modern conflicts there are endless possibilities of using the counters. They could be used as markers for IEDs, Hot spots (where irregular forces enter the table), or even as casualty/status markers.

  5. A. I would use the Primary or Structural Integrity markers.

    B. I would use them in a game called Axles and Alloys or with Infinity

    C. The markers look great and with high quality. Much better than the paper markers I currently am using. Great for awarding points to players during the game or as objective markers in Infinity.

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