Genius Factory Games Primary and Secondary Counter Review

Genius Factory Games sent along a sampling of their Primary and Secondary mission counters for review.

Primary Mission Counter Pack 1 from Genius Factory Games

Primary Mission Counter Pack 1 from Genius Factory Games

Secondary Mission Counters from Genius Factory Games

Secondary Mission Counters from Genius Factory



The product arrived in a first class USPS envelope and each product was inside its own labelled self-closing baggie for easy identification.  The mission counters are 40mm across and match a 40mm beveled base as expected.  The counters themselves are very sturdy without any noticeable defects in production nor in the etching of the images.  Furthermore, they are sturdy enough that they wont break if you put your elbow on one accidentally while on the table, nor should they break should you drop on on a hard floor. You can compare them to the images below:

Size Comparison to 40mm base

Size Comparison to 40mm base

The Primary Mission Pack contains ten tokens to track differing point values of missions on the tabletop.  In the package, you will receive the following numbered tokens

  • 1x Four-point objective
  • 5x Three-point objectives
  • 2x Two-point objectives
  • 1x One-point objective
  • 1x “Priceless artifact”

I accidentally left the “Priceless artifact” out of the image seen here on:

Genius Factory Games Primary Mission Pack Counters

Genius Factory Games Primary Mission Pack Counters

They look nice next to 28-32 mm models like these American AE-WWII models from Darkson Designs/Blackball Games:

Next to models

Next to models

The next set of tokens are the secondary mission counters. They are made from the same dark/smoked acrylic as the primary mission counters but come with different designs to designate different locations on the battlefield:


The secondary mission counters contain the following tokens:

  • 2x “Breakthrough” counters
  • 2x “Leader Slain” counters
  • 1x “First Kill” counter

I took several photographs from different angles to get a feel of them on the game board.  They are easily distinguished and readable from any spot on the board.






As you can see from the photos, the tokens stand out very well on a game board and are easy to identify.  I took some pictures from different angles and locations just so you can see how easily you can identify objective locations on the game board.

A great feature of the designs and numbers on these tokens are that they designs are etched onto the acrylic- not painted or printed on.  This means that the images wont scrape off with repeated use as the image sits below the surface of the counter.  Great move and simple way to solve that problem.

Another feature I like of the secondary mission counters is the generic imagery on the tokens.  This allows you to lay the tokens down for just about any mission or objective.  Since they aren’t labeled, you can utilize them for a wide variety of spots on the game board.

A couple of problems I see with counters like this, as nice as they are.  The first is that they don’t quite fit the theme of the game board that they will be used on.  If you are looking for counters that blend into the scenery and look like they belong, then these counters wont work for you.  The next problem is that overhead lights will glare and reflect off of these counters so in some cases you’ll have to move or change your vantage point to see what the counter is.

Beyond those two simple issues, the counters can be used for a wide variety of purposes.  They work especially well for games that have missions and objectives that need to be captured. A game like AE-Bounty or AE-WWII that have primary, seondary and tertiary missions/objectives can utilize these counters quite well.

The Primary Mission Counter pack retails for $9.00 while the secondary mission pack retails for $5.00.  I find the prices for these tokens to be quite reasonable.

If you are looking for tokens for your gaming table, I highly recommend those done by Genius Factory Games, because in addition to these counters reviewed here, GFG makes some other options for your gaming table.

Cruise on over to their website and check them out.  Let them know that you heard about their products on Pen and Lead.

GFG Logo

GFG Logo


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