Pulcinella for the Guild- Limited Edition Model- By Vesper-on Games


Vesper-on Games was kind enough to send a long a nice gift for all of us that have been blogging about them and their game, Carnevale, for the first year.  As a gift, I received their special limited edition miniature, the Pulcinella, for the Guild.


The little guy is in a great pose- mooning everyone.


He comes in two parts- the body and the head.  The base, of course, is included.  There are no cards with the model as all the stats are in the rulebook.


The Pulcinella is an alternate sculpt for the original Pulcinella models which come in a pack of 2 in one blister.  There are few mold lines, making it easy to clean up.  The head slots onto the shoulders easily, and wont rotate due to the notch that the head fits on.  Making an easy to put together model.  The Pulcinells is a 28mm sized model.

What do you think?


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