Hell Dorado INFERNO Expansion Kickstarter Started

Hell Dorado INFERNO Kickstarter has Launched!

Hell Dorado INFERNO Kickstarter has Launched!


Cipher Studios, producers of Anima and Hell Dorado, announced an expansion for Hell Dorado last year, and that Kickstarter has finally begun.  The focus is raising money to fund the first expansion to Hell Dorado, called Inferno.

From Cipher’s announcement:

Cipher Studios is proud to announce today that we are launching the Kickstarter event to help us fund the publishing of the first expansion book for the Hell Dorado Miniatures Game, Hell Dorado: Inferno

Hell Dorado: Inferno is the first expansion to the Hell Dorado game and universe. In Inferno Fallen Angel Abezeth, claiming to be sent by Lucifer, heads a massive demon host bent on eradicating the upstart invaders from Lucifer’s realm.  Inferno includes the first set of models and rules created for the game by Cipher Studios and will feature rules for new models for all six Hell Dorado Factions. It will also feature: New Scenarios, new battlefields, and new terrain types to make your games more exciting than ever before. Hell Dorado: Inferno will give players more army strategies, more game variety, and more of the miniatures that make it one of the best looking miniature games around.

We’ve decided to run a Kickstarter event to aid us in funding the major costs associated with creating a print manual. We’ve already released several of the models to be featured in the book, however there will be plenty of new surprises to be had when you get your hands on it. There’s also plenty of goodies and special perks available to those who back us at this stage, including signed artwork by Bertrand Benoit, the lead Hell Dorado Artist, Limited Edition sculpts, and even a 200 point company painted by our studio painters!

So get over to the site and pledge to support the next chapter in Hell Dorado today!


Visit the KS page HERE.



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