Mantic Games Previews New Chess-like Game: Loka

Mantic Games has previewed a new chess-like game called Loka.

Developed by Alessio Cavatore and River Horse, Loka is a fantasy chess game with elemental armies.

Below are just some of the current images available:


I suggest visiting the link above for just a bit more information.  Mantic says more information is coming next week.


4 thoughts on “Mantic Games Previews New Chess-like Game: Loka

  1. I was lucky enough to see the greens for these and a number of other minis back at MiniCon 2012, when Alessio joined us for the day. I’m a big fan of Shuuro, and very pleased to see Alessio’s full vision coming to fruition (especially now that my older son is just getting into chess!). However, I’m annoyed that Mantic will, once again, be turning to Kickstarter for Loka. I hold out hope, however, that they will learn from the mistakes of the past and will include an option for retailers to access the KS for bulk pre-orders, with benefits, so that those of us lucky enough to have a local indy retailer can put our money through them to get our hands on the Kickstarter goodies and no one need miss out.

    • I hope retailers can get in on this as well. I’m not sure, does KS have any rules on having a pledge level for retailers? I remember for Sedition Wars and Ogre, there was some drama involving a retailer pledge level, possibly. I think they need to do one like Reaper did with their Bones.

      I’m curious, though, and want to see some game play in regards to Loka.

  2. Pledge $300 or more
    0 backers
    FLGS Opening Gambit – for Friendly LOKA Gaming Stores! Retailer bundle containing a selection of games and chess sets at your normal trade discount, including 3 copies of the game upgraded to Knight ($100) – we will need to ask you to prove you are a retailer when choosing this level.
    Estimated delivery: Dec 2013

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