Warpaints by the Army Painter Have Arrived

I received the full set of Warpaints by The Army Painter while on vacation after a good trade on Bartertown. They will eventually be replacing some of my original P3 paints as they’ve gelled and become unusable.  Most specifically most of my metals, which is quite annoying.

Below is what I received:

Warpaints Received

Warpaints Received

Here is the stock photo of the Warpaints:

Warpaint Stock Photo

Warpaint Stock Photo


As described by The Army Painter, here is what is included, ” The Mega Paint set includes one of each of the spectacular Warpaints: 27 colours, 1 Anti-Shine matt varnish, 5 metallics and 3 Quickshade Inks plus an additional 6 of the popular Wargaming Brushes: Insane Detail, Detail, character, Regiment, small Drybrush and Vehicle brush. Furthermore, it contains the Army Painters 24 page “Wargamers Army Painting guide” stocked full of tips and tricks on how to finish your armies in record time. This is a fantastic deal and last while stock lasts, so get yours now and look no further for paints and brushes again!”

I’m eager to try the new paints as well as the brushes that were included.  Here is the link to their MIXING GUIDE.

If you have tried these paints or have any thoughts on comparing them to P3, RMS, Vallejo, GW, or others, please let me know.  I’ll give my opinion once I get going on some models and finish off my current models that I’ve started with P3 so I don’t have to worry about matching.


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