Update on Hell Dorado Kickstarter by Cipher Studios

A little bit of information on the Hell Dorado Kickstarter has been revealed by Cipher Kai on their forums.  Here is what he had to say about it:

Hell Dorado Logo

Hell Dorado Logo

Just a quick update on the Kickstarter.  We are working hard on making this a great campaign that will excite the audience and offer great incentive to jump in and get back to the Hell Dorado universe.

We’re recovering from our last Kickstarter: Gate of Memories.  These campaigns are pretty intense.

We are working on the video and are in the editing phase.  We’re developing cool pledge levels, add ons, and stretch goals.

A few more elements and we’ll be ready to launch in February.

A few posts later, it was mentioned that a hardcover rule book will be part of the Kickstarter campaign!

I look forward to this as I love the models and the game, and since it’s resurrection, we’ve been waiting for some more “oomph” to add to the game.


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