I Challenge You 2013 11+1 and 2012 How’d You Do?

Well, the new year is upon us and I want to look back at my 2012 11+1 challenge as well as think about my 2013 11+1 challenge.


Here is my list from 2012, and I don’t think I did well at all.


Madam Sybell- 10%

Rotten Belle 1- 100%

Rotten Belle 2- 100%

Rotten Belle 3- 15%

Lady Cybern

Nuclear Jones


Core (+3 bases)

Hadron + mini Hadron

Northern GP Gears (x 2)


Augustinus Raymond

Husaym Al Din

I didn’t do well with my list at all, but I did do some painting that changed that list.  Here is what I actually completed in 2012:

Rotten Belle # 1

Rotten Bell # 2

AE-WII Starter (5 models)

Grindak Bloodbreath

That’s a total of eight models.  Two-thirds of what I wanted to get done.  I did paint other models, but these were for me.  As you can see, if you look back at my post dates, I didn’t do a whole lot of painting. For starters, I didn’t touch the Pulp City models.  I didn’t even really pull them out of their trays as no one wanted to play.  I didn’t push it hard either.  On the other hand, I did some demo games of AE-WWII at a con, so that prompted me to paint the entire starter, which I still need to post images of. We stopped playing Malifaux as well, so I didn’t get the models out as much either.  I would like to change that this year, in regards to painting and playing, but who knows.

Anyway, to look ahead at my Challenge 2013 list, here is what I plan on working on, and that can change:

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Malifaux Redchapel Gang

Rotten Belle # 3


Madame Sybelle

AE-WWII American Experimental Detachment by Blackball Games

Airborne officer- Done in 2012

Mechanic- Done in 2012

Buffalo- Done in 2012

Buffalo # 2

Rocket Troops x 2

Robot Troopers x 3

Robot Troopers # 2 x 3

Blackball Games' American Experimental Detachment

Blackball Games’ American Experimental Detachment

That is a total of  twelve models that I want to get done.  In the meantime, I’d like to think even further ahead and work on some AE-Bounty models, a finished team for Dreadball, and anything else that gets in- like maybe Sedition Wars or Warmachine/Hordes.

I do reserve the right to change this list, as it’s purely for fun and I expect everyone else to chime in as well and reserve the right to change their lists.

Another goal of mine in 2013 is to work on blending.  I’ve learned that you have to have super thin paint- even thinner than milk, in order to get some good blending.  I’m practicing this and I’m getting too much paint on my brush and too much flows onto the model when I try to control it.  That’s my first mistake, but one that I know how or at least understand, that I need to fix.

So, what are your goals for 2013? What models can you put down on your list for the 2013 11+1 Challenge? Post your lists in the comments below and if you have blog, please link to it so I can follow your 2013 11+1 Challenge.

Until next time, happy gaming!


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