AE-WWII: European Theater Vampire Update

AE-WWII: European Theater by Blackball Games,  has just added a new reward for everyone who is backing at the $130 level which is the rulebook and a detachment of your choice.

SS Vampire Green

Here’s the quote from the update:

The occult atrocities of the SS know no bounds!  As Operation: Kickstart nears its halfway point, Allied progress has slowed.  Reports are coming in that this is due in no small part to an increase in sightings of bloodsucking fiends across Europe.  Sketchy reports have come in over the past few years, but it is now terribly clear that the SS have legions of vampiric soldiers at their disposal.  Leading small squads of Waffen SS, these creatures have slowed the progress of the Allied resupply operation.  Allied commanders are offering a cash bounty for the confirmed destruction of any of these occult horrors.  Do your part!  Operation: Kickstart cannot succeed while these parasites roam the battlefield!

Things have slowed down considerably and in a shameless attempt to bolster interest (and funding) the Axis is throwing in their lot to the campaign.  We’ve dug up (get it?) the green for the SS Vampire and have decided to include one of these models for every backer at the Lieutenant level and higher!  This is not a stretch goal!  We want to thank those of you that have stuck with us and encourage everyone to continue spreading the word about the project.  If the project is successfully funded everyone at the Lieutenant level and higher will get a nasty SS Vampire to fight against (or with)!  Thanks a lot everyone!


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