Tercio Creativo Posts Limited Green El Moro

Tercio Creativo had one backer in their Indiegogo campaign create a mini.  That mini is El Moro and Tercio Creativo is showing off the green.

El Moro Limited Mini


“El Moro, as he is known in peninsula, was born in Rusadir. Of Iberian father and “brown” mother, he was never accepted. Neither in Iberia nor in Califato. And when he was orphaned at the age of 9 years old, he had to become a thief… losing his right hand in the process. This would have made anyone a beggar but El Moro decided to take charge of his life, and now is considered one of the most skilled murderers in all Iberia, despite of his clear disadvantage.

Tercio Creativo (Sergus) informs us that:

The owner has just confirmed that he will allow us to make a very small numbered release. But, EH, not because he don’t let us do more (he has no problem with it. He’s A very nice man), that’s because we do not want to make money with HIS miniatures. That way, there will be only a few of them, for a few lucky persons. We’ll Keep you informed.”

If I get a chance, I would LOVE to get this mini.


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