Blackball Games Post Info About AE:WWII

Matthew Hope of Blackball Games talks more about the AE:WWII line and the future plans on their facebook page:

Two AE-WWII announcements today,

First, and most exciting, we are officially announcing the next edition of the game, titled AE-WWII: European Theater. We are planning an all-new 250 page, full-color book with revised rules, updated units, and new surprises. This edition will combine the groundwork from both the core book and the occult book of the first edition, and streamline everything into a
more cohesive collection. The revised rules are based on the originals, with a few tweaks to speed things up and improve balance. We’ve learned a lot over the four years since the first edition – all of that learning is going into the second. We are targeting an MSRP of $50 for the book, and a spring ’13 release date. You’ll hear more many more details on the new book as well as a few other goodies over the next week or so, stay tuned. Big things are coming for AE:WWII.

Secondly, we have finished our integration of the existing product line for AE:WWII with Blackball, and have updated everything on our web store. We needed to increase some of the prices. This brings everything in line with the new production facility, and our new formulas for making sure there is room for retail and wholesale discounts. Most of the products are back in stock now, so head on over to and take a look!

Thanks again for believing in the products and supporting Blackball as we make AE-WWII bigger than ever, and twice as bad-ass….

The Blackball Team

Im looking forward to what this means for AE:WWII as it’s a great game.  The new book appears to take all three rulebooks and rolls them into one, which is great.

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