New Items for Sale/Trade

I’ve acquired a couple new things for trade or for sale, depending on your preference.

First off is a Dystopian Wars Covenant of Antarctica Naval battlegroup + few other things.  These items are primed white but the island/fort things were peeling so I brushed the loose bits off.  The large naval battleship has been magnetized to the top portion can be put on the clear template (I guess so it can be under the water?).

The second thing I have is a starter set plus rulebook for MERCs minis.  I have the USCR minis, cards, and hard back rules.

Some things I”m looking for include:

Infinity Combined Army

Malifuax Resurrectionists

Heavy Gear Southern Models

Strange Aeons by Uncle Mikes

Hell Dorado Saracens also the Lost

Boardgames (like Ghost Stories, and other well known games.  Cooperative are cool!)


I’ll update my For Sale/Trade page as well.




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