Paint Racks and Hobby Storage Area- Suggestions Needed

I’m thinking about investing in some paint/hobby storage racks and shelves to make my work space look a tad bit nicer, cleaner, and organized.

What type of organizers are available out there?  I’ve seen a couple in acrylic and in mdf from a few places, but what can all of you suggest for me?  A couple of places that sell these rakcs are are Back 2 Base-ix and CNC Workshop.  Essentially, I need help finding more places to shop.

Thanks for any and all suggestions by leaving your comments in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Paint Racks and Hobby Storage Area- Suggestions Needed

  1. I was going to suggest CNC workshop. I’ve looked in vain for anyone in the UK or US selling equivalent products.

  2. I had a CNC workshop paint rack & they are good but the amount of room they tack up compared to the amount of paint they store your batter off just keeping your paints on you desk.

    try these out

    let me know what you think

    • They can’t take up that much more space, really.

      If they do, at least my desk will look a little more neat and organized, making me feel a little better about my work space. In so doing, I’ll feel better about sitting down to paint, maybe. lol

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