Blackwater Gulch by Gangfight Games

I recently started watching the Kickstarter for a new game called Blackwater Gulch by Gangfight Games Studio.  Recently, GGS submitted their western miniatures games to Kickstarter and it has taken off.  GGS wanted to reach a goal of $3,500, but as of right now, there is over $12,000 in funding, allowing multiple ‘stretch’ goals to be added as well as two new gangs or faction models to be created.

Kickstarter Stretch Goal Reatched- Sheriff Dice

Personally, I’m most interested in the lawmen, while one of the people in my game group is interested in the up-coming bandidos gangs.

The rules for Blackwater Gulch can be downloaded for free from their website linked above, or purchase a print on demand copy from Lulu.

Blackwater Gulch as described by GGS is:

Blackwater Gulch is a table top hobby game where you and your friends collect small gangs of finely detailed, 30mm miniature men who will fight each other in the fierce and wild west. You will create a gang or posse based on different professions and equipment, breathing life into your men through the skirmishes they win or lose in the town streets and outskirts.

The game is named after the fictional town of Blackwater Gulch, located “somewhere out west”. It’s around 1890 and a gold rush has brought fortune-seekers to town after a local discovery made nationwide news. This also brought a population boom and the town has become overcrowded with unsavory sorts, and not enough lawmen to go around.

Your gang is living in these troubling times. They can be lawmen or outlaws, vigilantes or freedom fighters. You decide who they are, what they can do and why they do it. Adventure awaits in Blackwater Gulch! Keep your six-guns by your side, and an eye on your back. You’ll never know who’s coming down the road…

I look forward to creating my own gang and playing a few games.  The rules look fun and easy to grasp.  Plus, they are free!

If you get a chance, check them out and let me know what your thoughts are.


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