Carnevale by Vesper-on Games Playthrough First Thoughts

I was able to play a very basic game of Carnevale this afternoon before I got too busy.  A buddy of mine came over for a couple of hours and we muddled our way through a small starter box game.  From the free  downloads on Vesper-on’s website, we had access to the Doctors of the Ospedale and the Patricians.

Quick Summary: The game, as expected, is a miniature game, so you must have some basic stats like movement, attack, defense and/or armor, magic of some sort, command, and abilities and equipment.  Nothing surprising there.  Carnevale has all that of course, to keep your models moving, taking hits, attacking, and casting spells.  However, the small aspect that is different is that you roll a pool of dice (based on a stat like shooting or combat), and try to hit a target number.  One of your dice in your die pool represents the fumbles and criticals, so it will need to be a different size or color to distinguish it.  So, in a lot of miniatures games, you roll dice+ stat.  Here, your dice are equal to a stat, and you try to hit a target number.  The number of dice that reach the target number equals your damage, minus any armor the target may have.

The most interesting and fun thing about the game we played were the advanced move options.  Most of the miniatures have options to do a wall run, jump, attack from above, swim, climb, rappel, and more.  The game that I played had models jumping over the canal only to do an “attack from above.”  That was very epic and great fun.

In addition, there are some neat attacks like aiming, or doing roundhouse attacks, or low blows.  I was able to get a roundhouse off in one situation- it didn’t help me as my opponent had too high of armor for the hits to get damage through, but the action was very scenic and fun to do.

I’m going to do a bit more research into the game before doing a real review.  However, my main goal here was to simply get some thoughts down and out there for you to read.

So, if you’ve had a read through of the rules, which are free off of Vesper-on’s website, let me know your thoughts.  If you’ve played a game or two, what did you think?  Let me know in the comments section of this post.

If I hadn’t been busy this afternoon/evening, I would have played one or two more games.  However, one will suffice for now.


2 thoughts on “Carnevale by Vesper-on Games Playthrough First Thoughts

  1. Sounds interesting. I’m really into skirmish games of all sorts, at the moment – Infinity, Warmachine, Relics, Cutlass!, Bushido etc – so might well check out Carnevale. I’ll definitely download the rules. The only thing that strikes me as something I’ll not like is the “pool of dice” mechanic. I’ve seen that recently in games like Relics (for magic) and, of course, Warhammer 40,000 (what is a Heavy 20 weapon if not one with a pool of 20 dice aiming to hit a target number?). I prefer to see as few dice on the table as possible but making the ones you use work harder. Infinity is good for that, as nothing needs more than 4 d20s and most events require 1-3. In Skrapyard, of course, each player uses only a single d12 – a reflection of my preferences!

    Still, I know that some people enjoy the “buckets of dice” experience.

    • The bucket of dice experience wasn’t bad. The most dice I rolled was seven or eight, and that seems about the limit. However, I do agree with you that the bucket of dice experience really isn’t my cup of tea. It wont stop me from playing games like that, though (Firestorm Armada and their ilk and RPGs like World of Darkness or Shadowrun.).

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