Carnevale: Vale to the Most Recent Wave of Releases by Showing a Comparison Shot

For those of you who know your Latin, “vale” means goodbye, and in that regard, we’re saying goodbye to the most recent previews by Vesper-on Games.  Vesper-on has been promoting their game by releasing two previews a week.  Ideally, they’d do a bit more with some Facebook contest or some painting event to get even more people interested, but with their take on 1700 Venice, their range of models caught my eye.

However, Vesper-on recently released an image showcasing their latest previews.  The image shows a comparison shot between all their new models, as shown below:

Vesper-on Games' Newest Releases Arranged as a Family

In addition to providing this family shot, Vesper-on has written up a new scenario for Carnevale entitled, Secret Documents.

I haven’t looked at the document yet as I’m still reviewing the rules, but if they keep adding scenarios and supporting this game, I may have buy into it.  I’m just waiting for someone like Miniature Market or The War Store to get it in stock so I’m ordering from the U.S, making shipping cheaper.

On a side note, slightly related to Carnevale, I’ll have to let you in on what Carnevale means translated literraly from Latin: Carne means meat, hence we get our word carnivore and carniverous, etc.  Vale, as I stated earlier, means goodbye.  So literally, you are saying “goodbye to meat.” Now you might wonder what that has to do with anything.  Well, think of Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, and Lent.  You celebrate the last day before Lent and give up meat, thereby saying “goodbye to meat”, or carnevale.  I can’t help but think of “goodbye to meat” when I read or type out anything related to this game.

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