Carnevale Previews From Vesper-On Games: The Aglaopes

Vesper-on Games continues their two-a-week previews for their 18th century cthuluesque miniatures game Carnevale with a new and unique twist on the traditional concept of mermaids with the Aglaopes who work for the Rashaar faction.  Below you’ll find four images of the strange, and horrifyingly unique Aglaopes. Traditional Roman myth discuss two and sometimes three different types of Sirens, with one of the three named Aglaopes.

The fluff taken from Vesper-on games: Their estranged beauty captivate the victims, while their songs fascinate those who hear them. Only when they feel their life missing under the dark waters do the unknowing truly discover the terrifying and violent nature of the fearsome Aglaopes.

Please let me know what you about this unique and different modes from Vesper-on Games.


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