Starcraft the Boardgame for Trade

I’ve got Starcraft the boardgame and would like to trade it. Game has been played half way through once. Items are organized and bagged for ease of set up.  I’ll add this to my for sale/trade page as well.

Some things I’m looking for are:
The Legend of Drizz’t D&D Board Game
Defenders of the Realm
Galaxy Trucker with expansions
Zombie State: Diplomacy of the Dead
Pandemic expansion
Castle Panic and any expansions
Rook City (Sentinels of the Multiverse expansion)
Race for the Galaxy
Dungeon Twister
Battlestar Galactica with expansions
Ticket to Ride
The Adventurers new editiion with expansions
Warrior Knights
Forbidden Island
Games Workshop two Boardgames: the 40k and Warhammer versions of the boardgame. Chaos in the Old World or something like that?

Ideally, retail for retail. We each pay our own shipping, unless you negotiate that as part of the trade. North American trades only as shipping is a PITA.


2 thoughts on “Starcraft the Boardgame for Trade

  1. Hi there,

    Came across your blog and I am interested in making a trade if Starcraft the Boardgame is still available? A have Dungeon Twister and Ticket to Ride available.


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