Rotten Belle # 3: Missing Hand Replaced Thanks to Mantic Ghoul Donation

So the third Rotten Belle that I’m painting up for the 11+1 challenge was missing her right hand.  Her right hand is supposed to be holding a closed parasol (umbrella).  So, in this case, I had to find a suitable replacement since I can’t sculpt- never tried, nor do I imagine I’d have the gift for it.

Anyway, below you can see the results of the replacement.



I had a sprue of Mantic Games’  Ghouls so I took a hand, and with a little trimming, glued it onto this gal.  I think it looks quite creepy and fits the Rotten Belle theme just fine.  Below is the figure that the right hand went to…I cut it off and replaced it with a power claw from the same ghouls sprue so it isn’t missing a hand.  None of the ghouls have had their heads glued on as of yet. Fun times.


Right hand snipped with power claw replacement

So, what do you think of the replacement so far?  Maybe with better pics and some painting you’ll be able to tell more.


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