11+1 Challenge Continues: Rotten Belles #1 and #2

So, continuing my 2012 11+1 challenge, I’ve fairly completed two Rotten Belles from my list.  The second belle from the Malifaux  Seamus starter (By Wyrd Miniatures)  was done in a green, beginning with P3 Iosian Green, highlighting up with P3 Wurm Green, Necrotite Green, and then finally adding in some Sulfuric Yellow.  The highlighting didn’t quite do it for me, so I continued adding more paint-Menoth White Highlight to reach the graduations that I wanted.  She’ll probably get a wash of green or I’ll use some green ink to complete the dress at some point.

In the images below, the ‘green’ belle is still wet from the drying retarder and her red hair was just recently washed with black ink plus Skorne Red by P3, with some Future floor polish mixed into a very thin wash.  She’s not dry as of yet.  I also used a flash in the first two photos so it washed out a lot of color, while my desk lamp added some yellow into the image.


I’m going to work on both the ladies just a tad bit more- Maybe work on the skin some, and the green belle will get her hair touched up with the base color again, as well as some highlight.


As you can see blow, the image is darker as I used the phone without a flash, and the colors are quite different from above.


Obviously, I still need to work on the bases, but I’ll do that once Seamus and his starter crew is finished.  However, for not worrying about detail and just trying to paint some each week, I’m extremely happy with what I’ve accomplished.  So for the 11+1 challenge, I’m rising to the expectations!  At this point, I can certainly call January and February done if I want to.

After the work on these two, I’m moving on to the belle whose right hand I’ve lost.  I need to find a suitable replacement- It wont have the umbrella- then I’ll get started painting her.  She’ll be the “yellow” belle.  Maybe the “yellow rose of Texas?”

Please, let me know what you think of the work- it’s always nice to get comments and criticism.  Disregard the crappy smart phone images.


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