Magnets for Models: A Request for Information

I’m wanting to put in an order for some magnets for some modelling work.  I’ve never had to buy some myself so don’t know the sizes I might need for the various jobs.

What size magnets do you recommend for 28mm sized human models, 15mm sized vehicles, and larger sized models and vehicles like Warjacks and Warbeasts?

Please comment with the sizes as well as where you might suggest I buy them.



2 thoughts on “Magnets for Models: A Request for Information

  1. Lets set up a game or some sort soon and Ill bring the 3 different sizes I have/use to show you, that will likely help you out more than anything.

  2. For 28mm models, attaching arms, backpacks etc, I usually use 3mmx1mm circular neodymium magnets. For plastic models, these usually provide enough hold for most purposes, but you might like to use a wider diameter for warbeasts/warjacks, such as 5mmx1mm.

    For 15mm vehicles, especially in resin, the 3mmx1mm are definitely the best for things like swapping out turrets on various tank patterns. Anything smaller becomes unbelievably fiddly.

    I highly recommend as a retailer of neodymium magnets. They don’t take PayPal payments, yet, which is the only down side. Otherwise, their stock, service and dispatch speed are second-to-none.

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