More Colors- Seamus Starter and Belle # 1 95% Complete

Here I’ve managed to almost complete Belle # 1.  I need to work on the skin just a tad with a highlight and shadow/wash then I’ll call it done.  If it was something that I wasn’t in a hurry to do, I’d add a few more steps, but all in in all, Im happy with the work for not painting in six months.

The boa was finished with a P3 Ordic Olive then highlighted with Wurm Green.  I’m not impressed with the work on the boa, but it compliments the pink of the dress and umbrella just fine. I just wish I had better skill at painting … or perhaps more practice?


This might be a clearer image of the same model, but not for sure.  I’m using my phone to take these images.  The boots that were unfinished are now finished.  I painted a Thamar Black mixed with some black ink and Future floor finish to give it a ‘glossy’ look.  I then highlighted by mixing some P3 Ironhull Grey into the black.  Final touch ups included a wash in the black ink + future,  then retouching the boots with an incredibly thinned down highlight of the Ironhull Grey.  Not for sure if it’s noticeable or not, but it’s there.


Below you’ll find the Seamus starter with the skin blocked in.  I”m going to work on all the Belle’s first, then Sybelle, then Seamus.  I think I’ll go for a blue on the bell with the missing arm and a pale yellow/green on the other belle withe the open umbrella.

All in all, I’m enjoying painting, which I thought tedious over the last few months, so it’s a surprise to find that it’s quite fun and entertaining.


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